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Hey there! My name is Courtney, I am the owner of Raw Beauty Lounge. I have been a Cosmetologist for 8 years. I am originally from Seattle WA, Where I had a lash business called Princess Lashes. I have a passion for all things lashes and hair (color, styling and bridal). I first became certified in lash extensions when it was not a very popular service but I had so much fun educating people on what they were and are. I chose the beauty industry because it allowed me to make others happy. My parents both struggled with depression growing up so I always made it a point to find happiness in every day. The beauty industry allows me to help others constantly while bringing them confidence and in turn happiness. 


I love getting my lashes done myself. I find it so relaxing to be able to lay down in the middle of my busy day. And just de stress, listen to music and not be on my phone. And of course the best part is feeling so pretty after the service. In my free time I love to hangout with my dog Tink, travel, shop and just about do anything. I am the opposite of a home body.

Macayla is a Cosmetologist from Anchorage, Alaska she has been in the industry for over two years and she specializes in Mega Volume. She chose the beauty industry because she is very passionate about making people feel good about themselves.She knew this was a career call throughout high school. She was the go to girl for special events. She absolutely loves and enjoys the work that she does. In her free time she enjoys shopping, hiking, and spending time with friends. 

Parker Is an Arizona Native, who has been a Cosmetologist for 8 years, Her favorite services to preform are Balayage, Facials, Hair extensions, and Lash Lifts. In her free time she enjoys going on adventures with her husband and three kids, reading a good book, photography and writing. She has always loved expressing herself creatively and knew that she wanted a rewarding career that could help make a difference in someones life. For many people when they don't feel good about their appearance they don't feel good at all. Parker loves being that aid in helping others see their beauty from the inside out.  

Ashley is an Arizona native, she has been an Esthetician for 2.5 years. She loves preforming volume lashes as well as getting them. She was drawn to the beauty industry because her mom had owned her own salon and she fell in love with it. In her free time she models and is always ready to learn new services to provide her clients with.


Cait is a Cosmetologist from Flint, Michigan, She has been in the industry for 5 years. Her favorite service to give is volume lashes and her favorite service to receive in the beauty industry is a pedicure. She chose the beauty industry because she feels that it is so important for women to feel good about themselves and she wanted to help them achieve that feeling. In her free time she loves thrifting and spending time with her cat, Charlie.   

Andrea has been an Esthetician for 11 years, originally from ATL. She entered into the beauty industry by fluke, but she chose to make a difference in others lives while making them feel better about themselves. Her favorite services to provide are facial waxing, lash lifts, and lash extensions. In her free time she likes to tinker, create art, ponder and research any and all things.